Platfom Plus excels during Covid crisis

Covid-19 has been a shock to many industries, but none have felt the impactquite like the health sector.

The whole digital and digital healthenvironment has changed forever” – Nancy Taneja

In early 2020, the world changed almost overnight. NewZealand announced level 4 lockdown, meaning all but essential services or thosewho could work from home would need to cease operations. Instead of shuttingdown or reducing capacity, health agencies had to step up. Decisions had to bemade, resources had to be reallocated, and office staff began working fromhome.

We talked to Nancy Taneja, CTO of Think Hauora, the charitable trust providing healthcare services to themid-central region. They were in the middle of working through a major systemsupgrade with Encrosys when lockdown hit. 160 office staff were suddenly workingfrom home and handling an unprecedented situation, while frontline staff neededto get stuck in to the response without compromise.

The rollout until then had the usual hiccups. Legacy systemsand a long time build-as-you-go approach added to the challenge.

Encrosys staff stuck to the plan however, knowing howimportant their work was. Despite the challenges, they did what needed to bedone.

“The whole world was going intolockdown, and they still turned up and did the job on time. They made sureeverybody was working on Monday as they would normally do without noticing anychange”

As a social enterprise, Encrosys share the same core valuesand purpose as Think Hauora. It’s about people and wellbeing, and this attitudeextends through everything both organisations do both now and into the future.

“Think Hauora are extending ourservices, with the help of Encrosys, to the wider network other than justhealth practices. This was always part of the strategy for the organisation andso having an association with a vendor whose purpose is in alignment with oursmakes it easier to accomplish those outcomes.

Platform Plus was selected as the Vendor of choice because the organisationoperates as a social enterprise with a very advanced technology setup and servicesportfolio, and a very competent technical team.”

That social enterprise focus on people is key. When staffare dealing with the biggest health challenge in living memory, the last thingthey want is to be saddled with poor support or difficult systems. Encrosysplaced top priority on support so that even staff with minimal IT knowledgewould be able to get back to work without compromise.

“Their support and all technologythat they extended to THINK Hauora via Platform Plus is genuinely appreciated.The technology is very simple and easy to use.”

A core challenge of the rollout has been network resilience.Chorus were under pressure and the internet was below standard in some places. Cloudbased solutions work best with reliable internet, and remote locations don’talways have the best infrastructure. Rather than relying on just one source ofconnectivity, Encrosys and Huawei worked together to set up 4g backupconnections for testing centres alongside fibre where available. Huawei NewZealand donated 15 CPE units to get things moving, which have performedflawlessly.

“[The technology] has served us wellin a critical situation where we wanted network connectivity for COVID testingcentres and did not have fibre. We were able to use Huawei 4G routers to get thenetwork up and running.”

So was the new solution better than what went before?

“I think “better” is a small word;it was quite impressive what they managed to execute in a very critical globalsituation.”

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