What is CQL accreditation and why is it important?

People with disabilities deserve to live a life filled withchoice, control and connection. Community Livingprovides support to help make this possible. 

We believe it’s important not just to say this, but toreflect it in everything we do. One of the best ways to show our commitment isthrough a rigorous process of accreditation. To do this we turned to theinternationally recognised Council of Quality and Leadership (CQL).

Our review focussed on the following key area:

             Basic Assurances® - Ensuringfundamental safeguards related to health, safety and human security

This means:

We put people first

-         Accreditation helps us be person-centred. Byusing tools like the Personal Outcome Measures, people are in charge of theirown lives.

We promote dignity

-         Accreditation promotes dignity for all people.When we embrace this value, we make sure there is a culture of respect.

We facilitate opportunity

-         Accreditation creates opportunity for peoplesupported. It gives us the resources to help them live their dreams.

We focus on outcomes

-         Accreditation is about results. We don’t justwant to have supports, we want to see the impact they have on people’s lives.

We pursue the highest standards

-         Accreditation is a demanding process. We havehad thorough reviews, assessments, and visits to make sure we are doing thingsthe in the best ways.

We build community

-         Accreditation boosts our inclusive participationefforts. Through this community, people are active members of the world aroundthem.

We value data

-         Accreditation helps us analyse and collect data.With that data, we can see the effectiveness of our supports in people’s lives.

We embrace change

-         Accreditation means always improving. Quality isa journey, not a destination.


Community Living is now the firstorganisation in New Zealand to achieve this CQL accreditation. It took twoyears of preparation, but we did it! We’re proud to say that we are meetinginternational support standards for disabled people. This accreditation hasgiven the wider team confidence in how we deliver support services. Even so wecan’t rest, because there are always opportunities to improve what we do. Tomaintain our accreditation we must improve constantly, and regularly report ourimprovements to CQL.

CommunityLiving CE Marese McGee said

“I want to thank all the staff who worked on this, Specialist SupportWorkers, Managers and Leaders throughout the organisation, the people we support,their whānau and all our supporters who enabled this to happen.

We are proud to be the first organisation in New Zealand to achieve thisaccreditation. This puts us in a great position going into the future of thedisability sector in this country.”

For people supported and their whānau/families, we hopethis accreditation offers you confidence in what we do even as we strive toimprove. We know that through continuing to improve the quality of our servicewe will improve outcomes for the people we support.

More information about the accreditation process can befound online (https://c-q-l.org/accreditation).